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Earlier this year I set off to Denmark to attend the first part of an international course on nerve reflexology hosted by Danish reflexologists Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen. I have done a lot of my training with them and love the attitude the Danes have towards reflexology. Over there it is the number one complementary therapy and the Danish people truly embrace its healing powers. Maybe this has something to do with them being voted the happiest people in Europe! The course was a truly international mix with people from both North and South America, Australia and various European countries. I found it fascinating to hear about reflexology in all the different countries.

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Nerve reflexology was developed in Germany and has been further developed by a Belgium physiotherapist, Nico Pauly. Unlike classical reflexology, nerve reflexology works on the reflexes for the nervous system on the bones of the feet rather than the soft tissue. It is particularly effective in treating conditions that are caused, or influenced by, the nervous system. This opens up completely new therapeutic possibilities for people suffering from back pain and also other conditions, for example if nerves serving the intestines are over loaded then a person may suffer digestive problems. This first course concentrated on the lower back, pelvis and legs.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Denmark and stayed over for a few more days to explore. I made many new reflexologist friends and I'm now putting in to practise the new skills I have learnt.

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