Jeanne Rayment Reflexologist

Typical Session  #01

A typical foot reflexology treatment lasts 50-60 minutes. Your first visit will last a little longer as a free consultation is offered to assess your general state of health, diet and lifestyle. A treatment plan can then be discussed with you, or you may decide to come for monthly maintainence sessions.

The treatment will begin with a refreshing foot wipe, followed by some relaxation techniques, before thumb and finger walking over each foot in turn to cover all the reflexes. Towards the end any areas found to be out of balance will be worked on again before finishing with a gentle foot massage.

"I can honestly say I feel so very relaxed this evening and I think it is all down to your therapy. In addition, I can feel a definate absence of the anxiety sensations which I usually feel in the pit of my stomach, which can be quite distressing. Thank you so much"
J.O. Bath

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